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JUST DOWNLOADED THE NEW ALBUM SO EXCITED AHHH. Just loaded up the first track A Girl And His Cat (when would Biffy ever produce song titles we understand, eh?) and I'm in love already. ;; It's a little heavy on the distortion but still so so good. This is going to be a good day ahhh. Expect much fan-girling to come! ♥

Originally Posted by Intoxicated View Post
I bought three of their albums on Friday actually, including Opposites. The other two were Blackened Sky and Only Revolutions. Their new single, Black Chandelier, is actually one of my favourites. 57 and Mountains are also up there though! There are probably others that I'll like as well but at the moment, I'm really hooked on those three in particular.
Those are three of my favourites too, especially when 57 is played live. Have you heard the version from Live At Wembley? It's sooo good - same with Mountains. I'm expecting great things from Opposites in respect of live performances at the moment based on what I've heard so far, it's seeming like the perfect festival album! I definitely suggest checking out Puzzle at some point though, it's their best work imo. :)

Originally Posted by DavidtheDeadPhilosopher View Post
so after listening to "There's No Such Thing as a Jaggy Shake" I couldn't help but be reminded of another band I know.
I'll be honest I don't really see the resemblance. XD This music seems a lot more upbeat and a completely different feel than Biffy... although the heavily distorted guitar at parts and the horrid shouting in the second verse are very similar lmao.
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