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Victoria "Alys" Taimor - The Broken Keg, Dalenham

Victoria felt the last vestiges of the Pyro-Ale slip down her throat leaving it's signature burning sensation trailing behind. With already a couple of mugs under her belt, she was feeling rather mildly tipsy as she sidled up to the bar, holding out as much as possible to not let slip her nearing drunken state. She took a moment to clench the bridge of her nose while scrunching up her eyes; an old barman's tale on a quick but minimal recovery effort from alcohol. In this moment of blindness, she felt a hand skim over the leather covering her backside before taking a quick grope. In surprise, she struck out blindly at the nearest patron, knocking the portly man off of his stool. Chaos ensued as a bottle flew past Victoria's head, rustling her hair as it sailed past and shattered against the wall behind her, showering Victoria with shards of glass. She rapidly ducked under the table as another bottle sailed for her, gathering her composure before re-emerging in order to fight.

Her first opponent was a rather large, burly man who came running at her, hands open as if to choke her. The man's face was contorted in rage and anger as he flung himself at her to which Victoria stepped aside, the man running into the wall behind her. Disorientated, he flung out his arm in her general direction, catching her sore shoulder in the process. Pain flooded her body as she sank to her knees, grimacing in pain and clutching her sore shoulder. Out of anger and pain she shot her leg out at the man, catching him in the side of the knee. She couldn't hear the sickening crunch as the man's knee broke, but she did hear his roars of pain, retreating victoriously to recover herself.

As she was backing up a pair of muscled arms wrapped around her body, pushing her arms light against her body and feeling up her chest as they enclosed around her.

"Well, well, well, what is a feisty young brood like you doing in a bar like this?" Came the gravelly voice.

Instinctually, she flung her head backwards, aiming for the man’s nose but instead smashing her head into the side of his chin; giving Victoria more pain than the man received. She could feel his hands cupping her chest, making her increasingly angry as he continued to feel her body. Reaching down, he only just managed to sink her teeth into the firm, muscular flesh of his forearms, obtaining a yell of anguish and pain in response. However these moves did little but make the man squeeze Victoria’s body harder until she began to find it difficult to breathe. Flailing with all her might, Victoria tried to free herself from the man’s grip however every move of hers only garnered a stronger grip on his behalf. Loosing air quickly, black dots began to flood her vision and she was sure she would soon fall unconscious.
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