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Great to see that so many had thoughts on this!

Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
Thinking about it... it could be a possibility, knowing that Game Freak has never made a real Legendary Pokémon evolve before (except if you count Phione as one, which could only be obtained by breeding but cannot evolve). But having alternate formes of Legendary Pokémon would be more likely to come than real evolutions of a Legendary Pokémon.

But we never know, they might just put evolutions of a Legendary Pokémon to be achieved in a certain way like trading or something like that, which would be pretty cool. ^^
Yeah and because of that it doesn't mean it'll carry on forever (in regards to legendaries not involving).

Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
I forgot about that case they should be Ground and Ghost and could be owned by Agatha and Bertha who Shauntel refered to meeting in B2W2...
Anyways a Volcarona evolution would be cool, it could be made to look even more sun like and get stats equal to Togekiss who irc is the strongest none psuedo or legendary pokémon in terms of stats.

Also a Rotom evo which get's fused into it's device upon evolution.
Volcarona evolution please no. :( I was only using it as an example. XD; Too strong it'd be tho imo.

I like the Rotom evo, though! The current defensive Rotom would definitely benefit a lot from eviolite and the evolved formes could change up a few current metagames. :3

Originally Posted by Clemstar View Post
Don't get me wrong, I love the line, Roserade's my favourite Pokemon after all. It's just that having a male Roselia evolution might be nice considering that having male Roserades are sometimes awkward. Kind of a Gardevoir situation.
idk I've always seen Roserade as male for some reason, it just has this look to it where it doesn't really look like a female, whereas Roselia does? But if it did get a male evolution then I hope they redesign Roserade tbh because it looks manly to me.

Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
I think Volcarona is a prime example of why Legendary Pokémon shouldn't be able to evolve or breed. In Black and White, it was treated very much like its own legend. High stats, encounter at LV. 70, revered as a "sun god" and even learns a move at LV. 100.

Yet, I don't see it under the legendary light due to having the capability of evolving from a pre-evolution and being able to breed as many as you want. It loses its unique status in my eyes with those capabilities.

I wouldn't be against some legendaries getting an alternative form maybe, but a straight up evolution [or pre-evolution], I don't think I'd be much of a fan if they started doing that. Which is why I liked that even though you could breed Manaphy and hatch a Phione, it was still never able to evolve into a Manaphy. We could only have one.
But I guess if legendaries could breed it could be like real life, y'know how legends in history do have children, and legendaries having babies doesn't seem that strange because although they're something to look up to they've still got to have time of their own and have their own legacy imo.

Originally Posted by SnowOz View Post
If anything, I would find a Pre-Evo of a Legendary most amusing and rather interesting. Just think, a smaller version of Entei or even Celebi (teh cuteness :3).
THIS. Pre-evos of current legendaries wouldn't be so overpowered and extremely cute toooo like you said! :3

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