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Originally Posted by s2daam View Post
I'd like someone other than the professor giving you your Pokémon. Like you work for a farmer, and you have to do a mini-game with a generic Pokémon (The Gen VI Pidgey/Rattata) and once you've completed it, he lets you chose one of his Pokémon that he bred, and in the back of the farm, there is a room with multiple starters. These starters levels vary from 1-5, and you can choose any of them. Once you have your starter, you go home and the Professor is there. They reveal that they were there to ask you to go on a journey, and it's here where they give you your Pokédex.
That'd make it a lot harder for you if you chose a level 1, though. If they were newly hatched on the farm, maaaybe but I think if they were all equal would make more sense-

Actually that gives me an idea. What if they gave us more than one starter? What could the reasoning for this be in terms of what the professor telling you?

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