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Originally Posted by Gyardosamped
I don't believe being being gay or not is something chosen, but rather it's something you're born with. I know this last sentence sparks a lot of controversy, so I won't get into much detail, but that's my thinking.

Hahahahahahahaha! That's the best thing I've read all day. Dude, this is the LGBT club - you ain't gonna spark no controversy saying things like that here

Originally Posted by Gyardosamped
I don't know how to approach my parents if I do, though. Anyone have any tips or stories as to how they did it?
Generally speaking, the best advice I can give for coming out (which I only did a few months back myself) is to make sure you actually do it yourself. Make sure you go to them rather than have them find out somehow. It feels so much better when you have the power and you decide how it comes out. If they find out and are forced to come to you, as happened with me, it will make you feel really invaded and gross, like somebody knows something they shouldn't. Then you don't get to really have that freeing feeling that coming out is meant to give you, and that sucks lol.

When they find out without you telling them, there's an added layer of issues they have to work through as well. "Why didn't you tell us?" "Were you ever planning to tell us?"

I'm cringing with the memories of my coming out now haha.

Originally Posted by Kiyoshi the Polar Bear
Well I wouldn't really want to be anything but homosexual.

Not that I find it integral to my personality, but I find that it taught me a lot of things and made me go through certain struggles that I wouldn't have if I was heterosexual. I'm more mature for my age then a lot of other people, and I guess I can owe that to experience with difficulty. And it just adds some flavor, I guess.

Give me a reason why I would want to be straight that I'm really concerned about or can't find some way around.
Oh Joey I've missed you :3

I would never want to be anything other than gay either. I love it and wouldn't want myself or my life any other way. But I feel that way as I am, which is a gay man. If I were straight or bisexual, I know I wouldn't feel that way, which is why I don't think I'd have a lot of trouble making the transition or clinging to the label.

And good luck to you both, Aeon and TornZero. I think it's a good idea to have something prepared to debunk the religious claims, because at least then if she runs directly to God you'll have something to say... but at the same time religion gets a stranglehold on people so anything you say to refute it might just piss her off. I'd play it by ear, honestly, go off her reactions to what you're saying and if the religious debate isn't going well leave it alone and move to a more emotional line of attack.

"So this is why God bombed us."

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