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    Jack Davis - Moutain Region Northwest Path

    Jack sighed as the group continues to walk forward. He just had to keep his mind off of Kiba for now, but it still hurt him deep inside that he wasn't able to help his friend, that if hadn't punished Charlie and actually had him at the time everything could have been solved much faster and without any casualties. Still, Kiba's other pokemon had disappeared with him as well, so it was very possible that they were protecting him against whatever had abducted him. Still, it was a lesson he had learned. He would make sure to travel with Charlie wherever he went and not let something like that happen ever again!

    Charlie, of course, had a rather smug smile on his face. He had not only managed to gain freedom once more, but now he could start taking his revenge, first starting on that bothersome Arcanine that had helped imprison him. Though from the talk from earlier it seemed the dog was gone for now. It would be a goal he would look forward to then, something that would drive him froward. He would seek to become stronger than that mutt and next time they would meet he would get deep into that head. He would scramble up that mind oh so well and the dog wouldn't even know whether he was awake or asleep, what his name was, or anything! Oh, that would be a fine day to look toward indeed! He couldn't help but giggled every now and then at the thought of him strangling the dog and watching his body dangle limply in the air while everyone would watch on in horror and realize just how powerful he was!

    Jack looked over at the others and set his stuff down, "Yeah, we can rest here. The job will at least get us some good rewards!" He chuckled as Charlie sat down and crossed his legs as he began to meditate.
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