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Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
Pikachu never stopped being the IT Pokémon of the games, regardless of its absence in Gen V. Why else would they have incorporated it into Unova even if it wasn't native or available to be caught in the region? Pikachu was and always will be the staple of the franchise even if it doesn't play a major role in the games ─ which is why it was on top of the Eiffel Tower shocking the world; it's the face of Pokémon.
Still, that's never happened before, that it's been used in that way when the games are announced. Pikachu could represent connecting the world and thus be the way we all connect (some sort of worldwide Pikachu trading event GF authorises...?)

But with all that's been said it still comes to mind that Pikachu will be something more than it's been before due to the way X/Y were announced. Maybe it's even considered legendary here.

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