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    NAIT the TWILI
    Lon Lon Ranch

    Chapter One: Part Five
    Master of Disguise

    “Don’t you fear for your safety here? Is there any news of recent? Also… Do you live here alone?”

    Malon looked up from her book with a sort of puzzled expression, as if to ask why he was interested in these things, though she answered him nonetheless. "My safety...?" Her expression was solemn for a moment, before she quickly covered it up with another smile. "I've been running this ranch for years, and so far nothing's happened. I can't imagine anything happening any time soon, either, after the dark king was sealed....." There, she trailed off. There was a pained gleam in her eyes. "Anyways, no... Even if there was danger, it'd easily be blocked at the gate. As for recent news... Nothing to speak of... Except maybe the Sealing Festival, tomorrow evening at Castle Town... Though I doubt I'll be going....." Once more, her expression lost its cheery smile. "And I do live here alone, yes, but I don't mind the occasional guest... It does get lonely here sometimes..."

    Nait flicked his tail, grazing the boy's arm, as if to indicate the importance of what was just said. He settled himself in the boy's lap, curling for the extra comfort. It seemed like maybe the boy needed that same comfort, too. Malon yawned, standing. "It's getting late... I'm heading off to bed, you can go ahead and do whatever you'd like, but I hope you don't stay up too late. I'll be waking you at dawn for your breakfast~." The end of her sentence had formed into a longer yawn, and she stretched out her arms. "Sleep well, I'll see you tomorrow morning." With that, she headed up to the first bedroom right at the top of the stairs.

    Nait waited until her door closed to turn to the boy. "I think it'd be a good idea for us to do the same, you know? A good night's sleep not only keeps you healthy, it lets your brain rest so that you can think more clearly throughout the day." He yawned himself, and his tail shifted slightly. "Unless you had other plans for the night?"