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    (OOC: I guess not being around for the weekend was a mistake, seeing all the posts...)


    Seeing the girl going on about how beautiful the night was- which it was- he noticed she was diverting her gaze as she spoke, blushing. He smiled warmly, but she seemed to be embarrassed. Did she know that he had noticed her gazing at his eye? That probably was it... ack, why'd he have to go ahead and readjust his headband?!

    She began to speak once again, trying to cover her blush. "Yeah, we should probably go. I’m gonna go grab a shower and get changed. Then we can head back to dorms." She climbed out of the pool. "I'll see you in a few!"

    "Alright! I'll get going, too."

    Climbing out of the slippery pool (And tumbling once, but discreetly enough so no one- at least, he hoped- would notice), he walked towards the changing rooms, once again going through the motions. Untying his headband. Putting wet clothes in a bag. Showering. Getting out, this time with blue cargo shorts and a blue t-shirt, and sandals. Tying headband. He then walked out of the changing rooms, and his stomach grumbled. Crud, he thought, might as well go to the cafeteria.

    "Hey Milly, wanna come catch a bite at the cafeteria? I'm getting hungry." His stomach grumbled once again, and his face quickly turned red. Getting hungry? I already AM hungry!
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