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Originally Posted by ♪Twiggy♪ View Post
Heh. I just somehow got myself into a logic fail with C++ code. It's sometimes just plain painful to deal with. Still... I have to deal with it. Maybe that'll make me a better programmer in the end.
It won't. You should avoid C++ when possible. Learning to write GOOD code, learning proper coding style and knowing what tools are available to you in a language, being able to look for resources to help you, and understanding how the language really works, these are things that will make you a better programmer. Forcing yourself to use a terrible language will just make you better at that terrible language.

Why do you have to use C++? C++ is a superset of C anyway, you could just write straight C while only using the few useful parts of C++, like C++ strings (not the printing/scanning functions though; printf and friends are much more sane), generics/templates, and whatever else you find actually useful (without going overboard, of course). Writing mostly standard C while using a few C++ improvements makes your code much more readable, though the "C++ community" will tell you otherwise (protip: if the "C++ community" tells you that your code is "bad C++," you're doing something right). Plus, you learn to program in C at the same time, which could be very useful further down the line if you ever need to program in that. And if you avoid classes, you learn how to work without OO, which a lot of languages don't even have (OO itself is useful, but knowing how to work with it and without it and knowing when to use or not use classes is something every programmer should know).
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