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How would I go about making a level script that starts in the players room BEFORE the player is actually shown in their room? Can I do that? What i want to do is go through the intro of telling oak your name and all that, then when you shrink down into an OW, instead of just starting off in your room, a script will start that warps the player to a different map, they do a little story stuff, then it ends, and warps them back to their room into their bed, like if it was all a dream? I know how to do all of this except for the initial activation of the level script, because I'm bad with those. o-o

Originally Posted by butterflye View Post
No, it did not help. To be honest, I don't see also difference between your script and mine. Anyway, I tried to use other tutorials, I added also "lock" and "faceplayer", but still the game freezes when I select "Yes". Here's the script with a few changes:
#dynamic 0xD0052F

#org @start
checkflag 0x828
if 0x1 goto @done
msgbox @1 0x5
compare LASTRESULT 0x1
if 0x1 goto @take
msgbox @2 0x6

#org @done
msgbox @6 0x6

#org @take
givepokemon 0x376 0x5 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0
fanfare 0x13E
msgbox @3 0x4
setflag 0x828
msgbox @5 0x6

#org @1
= You! Come here. Remember, what I\nsaid. Here, take this Absol. He\lseems to loved you, but I don't\lknow, how he can make it.

#org @2
= Humph. You have no heart.

#org @3
= [black_rs]You received an Absol!

#org @5
= Better not hurt him!

#org @6
= I hope Absol is fine.

Can anybody help me?
Haha, this may be an easy fix, let me know if this helps. Try changing "compare lastresult 0x1" to "compare 0x300D" or "compare lastresult 0x300D"