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@Claire: Nice to meet you too.

@Ray Maverick: Ha, it's kinda funny being called a veteran when I'm younger than most of you.

Well, anyways, here's my SU:

Side: Gold Tribe
Name: Saul Sypher
Gender: Genderless (Though is generally depicted as Male)
Age: 33
Title: Paladin
Pokemon Species: Golurk

Link to the image:

Saul wasn't always like this, that he knows. They...did something to him. The right side of his body is no longer normal, it has been imbued with some dark power and has become an eerie shade of gray. The indentations on Saul's right shoulder and right hand have become a light green, unlike the usual yellow color. The same goes for his right eye. Saul claims that he can see things differently through his right eye, seeing the world in darker colors and shades. This aside, the most important thing is Paladin's seal. A Golurk's seal is what keeps the strange energies within it locked away, but Paladin's seal is almost half-broken. Because of this, he tends to have sudden outbursts of rage during which he loses control of his inner prowess and unleashes it upon both friend and foe.

Personality: Due to his seal being broken, the strange energies within Saul can often take control of him, rendering him a very powerful force. Because of this, he can be quite temperamental, and easily gets angry when something upsets him or someone he cares about. Most Golurk are very self-disciplined, but Saul's energies are slowly overtaking him, unless he can get the other half of his seal back. Therefore, he sometimes makes rash decisions and does irrational things, and can occasionally be aggressive. When he is angry, he is wild and unpredictable, and could easily lay waste to an entire village of innocent people. When he wakes from such fits, he finds that he doesn't remember anything about what happened during it.

Saul often bottles up his emotions, and he is afraid that this is what leads to his uncontrollable fits. He is very secretive. He doesn't tell anybody or anything about his experiences, or his status as a member of the Gold Tribe, for fear of giving them false hope. His entire being is fueled by a will to go on, and find the secrets of his past.

History: Saul awoke in the Wastes of Will, his energy completely drained. When he managed to get up, he realized, to his horror, that his seal was broken in half. Then, he looked at his right arm and saw that it had become grey. He then noticed that through his right eye, he was seeing things in a much darker shade. The sky looked a much darker blue, as did the sand beneath his feet, but through his left eye, everything was as it should be. He tried to recall how this had happened to him, but...he could not. He couldn't remember anything other than his name, and...something else. The Gold Tribe. He was a member of the Gold Tribe years ago. Confirming his suspicions, upon his shoulder, was a Gold Tribe emblem, tattered and seemingly burned, but still intact. He remembered his purpose: the protect the Alpha Alliance.

After Saul crossed the Wastes of Will through great hardship, hoping to return to his brothers and sisters of the Gold Tribe, what he found broke his heart. The Alpha Alliance was gone. Saul wanted to know what had happened to both him and the region, so he went for Eternity City. When he arrived, he found that Gold City had been taken over by some strange army. Saul attempted to talk to the guards at the entrance to the city, but they simply shouted "Gold Tribe!" at the sight of his emblem and began chasing him. He was able to fight a few of them off, but more streamed in from the city, so he ran. Escaping by the skin of his teeth, he made his way to Poseida Ruins, and found a refugee camp here. He questioned the refugees there, and although most were very traumatized, he got his answers: The Silver Tribe, Auron, the Ancients. They struck by surprise and destroyed the Alpha Alliance.

Having nowhere to go, Saul decided to stay with the refugees, and help defend them against Ancients. The Gold Tribe was gone. The Alpha Alliance was no more. Everything that could have linked Saul to his past was gone. Despite not even remembering his life before the Wastes of Will, he was still devastated about what had happened. Then, it came. The horrible urge to kill, to take revenge. His seal began to glow, trying to hold the dark energies back, but was unable to. The Golurk then proceeded to destroy a little under half the refugee camp, and kill some of the refugees.

After he came to, he couldn't believe what he'd done, so he ran. From himself, from the horrible force that had taken control of him then. After the ruins were out of sight, Saul collapsed. Pieces of his memory had been awakened by the outrage. There was a...strange room. Screams of agony filled Saul's mind. This was a torturehouse. That was all he could remember. That, and the drums. The constant drumming. "Dum dum dum dum." just four beats, a brief pause, and then again: "Dum dum dum dum"

From that moment on, the drums would stay with him forever.

After that, Saul made his way from refugee camp to refugee camp. His glory was gone, his memory was taken, he was a broken shell of his former self, whoever that might have been. And the drums...the everlasting drums were always there. For an entire year this went on, as he tried to find out more about himself. Then, a miracle. Saul got word of a small pocket of surviving Gold Tribe members who had managed to take over Eternity City from the Ancients. Maybe hope was alive at last. Now, Saul is on his way to Cape City, under the guise of a refugee. He hopes that he may have the chance to meet the Gold Tribe, as they may have knowledge key to unlocking his past, and why he is the way he is.

And the drums...

Shadow Punch
Hammer Arm
Giga Impact
Stone Edge
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