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    Outside the Gerudo Valley
    Mirror couldn't help but tilt her head at the curiosity of the little girl, who made demands of information that she quite possibly would not be able to comprehend, were she to explain the nature and history of the Twili. To define her own race would have been a complex task, unable to be summarized in a mere paragraph or two, as though they were some kind of animal up for classification by superiors. Perhaps it was due to Nadia's naivety that she asked the question, Mirror pondered, but before she could continue with it, she felt the prickling sensation along her spine that often came when somebody intruded on her train of thought, as Nadia continued to do. It was incredibly disconcerting, and Mirror made her lack of enthusiasm clear through pursing her lips and gazing down at Nadia with both eyebrows raised.

    "No, I am not Hylian, but the deception was meant to gain your trust and get you away from the sands." Mirror explained herself calmly, though the firmness in her voice was evident even to the Fairy that immediately went back to lusting after strips of material from the red cloak. "Children don't like strangers, but you're clearly not an ordinary child. So, please, will you enter the tent for the safety of the three of us?"