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chapter one; pt. II
Aberdeen Black // Route 2

The weather was slowly getting a bit cloudier, much to Servine's dismay. Aberdeen did not care about a bit of cloudiness, or even rain for that matter, but his pokémon pretty much lived off sunrays and would have to eat a lot more regular food if the weather was bad. It wasn't long they had walked along the road of Route 2 before the grass type's stomach gurgled loudly.

"Oh? Time for lunch, is it?" Aberdeen said with wink. "Don't fear, pal! I have the most awesomest sandwiches in the world in my bag!"

Servine sighed. Was sandwiches all that this kid ate? He had gotten one for brunch not too long ago, on this very same route. Just before all that fuzz with the Ponyta. At least the battle had been good; Servine smiled at the thought. Too little fire though. Too little danger.

"Let's eat over there!" Aberdeen said, pointing at a big rock sticking up on a field some ways from the road. Servine didn't even shrug, he just followed his trainer's happy leaps off the road and up onto the big rock. It was more like a cliff than a rock, actually. The clouds were even grayer above them now. Servine didn't mind a bit of rain, of course. Plants like rain. But not too much of it. Just like with sun. Except that Servine just happened to LOVE sunlight. Couldn't get enough of it, really.

"Here you go, pal!" Aberdeen said and tossed a sandwich from his bag at Servine. It missed the snake-like pokémon, bounced off the cliff and landed in the grass below. "Oops..." But Servine didn't mind. It's just the ground, what of it?

Someone else also saw the dropped sandwich. Someone who was even hungrier than Servine. Someone with blue, eager eyes and legs as fast as lightning. At least when he wasn't hungry. Just as Servine began slithering down the rock to half-reluctantly fetch the food to have a normal meal, something bolted past him. He had to blink and when he looked down again, the sandwich was gone. What!

A giggling noise reached Aberdeen's ears and he turned around. "What are you doing?" he started asking his pokémon, when he spotted a completely different species standing some meters away in the grass, chewing up a sandwhich faster than Aberdeen had ever managed to do.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed and stood up, putting his own half-eaten sandwhich onto his bag and fetching the pokédex instead. Aiming it at the new creature told him that it was a Blitzle. An electric zebra pokémon. "That's amazing! I haven't managed to see them before. They are just too shy and quick. How come this one's here alone?"

Servine didn't care about that. He just knew that this "amazing creature" had just stolen his food. It didn't matter that Servine wasn't a big fan of food. It was a matter of principle. He hissed dangerously at the electric type, who gulped down the last of the food and turned to run away. But Aberdeen was thinking the same as his pokémon. Well, not exactly. But their trails of thoughts both came down to stopping this pokémon. Now.

"Vine Whip around its leg!" Aberdeen called out with an eager smile, thinking of how they had captured Ponyta earlier. Servine did just that and just caught a hind leg of Blitzle before the zebra could dash away. Instead it now fell flat on its head.

"Tackle, before it can get up!" Aberdeen said, jumping down from the rock to get closer to the actual battle. Servine dashed away towards Blitzle, letting go with the vine whip, but the zebra got up and took the attack straight on. It didn't budge much, even though the attack seemed to hurt. Instead it was the grass type who bounced back.

"It's a tough one!" Aberdeen exclaimed. This was good. He would totally capture it. Servine got up, ready to attack again, when Blitzle suddely waved its tail frantically. It caught the attention of both Servine and his trainer. All of a sudden, the zebra smashed into the reptile, as if from nowhere, and threw it several meters away to land on the field.

"Ouch! Was that a Quick Attack?" Aberdeen said as he moved even closer to the battle, and to where his partner had fallen down. Servine was panting; but it was also smiling. Now we're talking, were its thoughts. A battle with some action!

Blitzle took charge again, coming in with another Quick Attack that hit Servine straight on. "Two Quick Attacks! Servine, you've gotta dodge or something!" Aberdeen shouted, afraid that his pokémon wouldn't be up for this. Blitzle didn't seem to use any electric attacks... it shouldn't be too strong.

"Vine Whip, and then Wrap!" the boy tried, now standing almost in between the two fighting pokémon. His shouting caught the curiosity of the electric type, who turned its ears towards him. "Uh-oh!" Aberdeen said and turned pale as sparkles began flickering around the Blitzle. Was he about to get electrocuted?

But then, the vines came and wrapped themselves around Blitzle's neck and belly. And they started squeezing hard, making the creature groan in pain. Sparks flew, it was obviously some kind of electric attack on the way. Aberdeen let out a breath and threw an appreciating smile at Servine, who was cautiously marching closer to his foe as he was Wrapping. The boy lifted the pokédex which he was still holding in his hand.

"Charge... what does that do? Boosts the power of the next electric move. So where's that electric move, then?"

But none seemed to come, and the few crackles didn't reach Servine through his kind of isolating vines. Aberdeen decided that they could finish this rather easily now, even though Servine had been hit several times. The Wrap was effectively keeping the pokémon in place.

"Pull your vines away and then quickly use Tackle!" Aberdeen ordered. Servine smiled even wider and did as told. Blitzle breathed hard when the vines released him and tried to jump away but was struck in time. He fell over onto the ground and groaned again. Not very horse-like. But then again, he wasn't really a horse.

"Pokéball, go!" Aberdeen couldn't help himself saying as he tossed an empty one at the weakened wild pokémon. It got sucked in and the pokéball came to a stop, laying on the ground silently after just a few seconds. "Haha! Great! Servine, do you realize what this means?"

Servine pulled himself together and walked up to his trainer with one eyebrow raised. That I'm really really cool in battle and that we just caught someone that I have to try and get along with?

"That no pokémon on this route seem to use elemental attacks! How lame isn't that? HAHA!"

Ugh. Servine just went back to the rock and helped himself to the remains of the half-eaten sandwich that lay there. Well, at least his trainer wasn't incompetent when leading him into battle. It's something.

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