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Originally Posted by RedWing View Post
I really hope it isn't too late to sign-up...

Name: Katrina "Katt" Aldine
Looks good to me, except a few things. You didn't read the SU sheet properly :) Go back and see what the text in the RP sample area said, and change some things about your post, please. Then, you can write about being outside the Viridian Forest in your RP sample if you like, but you'll still have to make one post for chapter 1 in the IC thread. And that's on Route 2 which is south of Viridian Forest.
So if you fix the detail you missed in the RP sample up, I'll accept you!

Originally Posted by Xlugon Pyro View Post
Whoa, that's a long personality and rp sample. But everything seems to be in order, so you are accepted ^^ Welcome the the RP and you may start posting in the IC whenever you want!

EDIT: lol I messed up the cutting of formatting on the quote from Pyro 8D

Anyways. Most players haven't even started posting yet, while it seems like both me and Charizard_Man (and presumably soon Sir Bastian?) are ready for the next chapter. I'll wait a little while with posting it, to not rush you guys too much :3 posts in this kind of RPs can be long and sometimes tedious to write, after all~ It'll be Viridian Forest, in case that wasn't obvious to everyone :p

But like I stated in the rules, you're welcome to make shorter posts if you don't have energy or time to make longer adventures. As long as you do post, if nothing else then just to show that you're alive and playing :3 make level-harvesting posts when you have will and time for it.

How's that rival idea coming along, Bastian?

Also, Swan had to drop out. Sadly. But Red Wing is taking her place, if they fix their SU up and let me know when to re-read it ;)

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