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Another returning member, wonderful! :3 Welcome back to PC, Nash!

Yeah, most of us were lurkers at one point, so that's not much of a problem. I think I lurked for a few months in 2006 myself before registering, and the only reason I registered back then was because I wanted to download something from here. So yeah, and here I am, active as ever! This is a great time joining us due to all the X and Y hype and I'm sure you'll really enjoy the section. A lot of members have been returning because of the news so go on and get to know everybody. :D It'll be a pleasant experience being here, I'm sure, and perhaps this time around you'll stick around for longer and become a regular, yeah?

I just dug through your deviantART gallery too, and it all looks really awesome. <3; I'm sure your work would get a lot of attention if you made a thread in the Art & Design section here, so maybe that's another thing to consider. Just suggestin'! Hope you have fun regardless of what you choose to do here, and this time stick around forever and ever. You totally aren't allowed to leave because I've chained you down!

Anyway, have fun and see you around! :D

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