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    Girl's Dorm
    Ashling gave Eva a smile and a goodbye as she departed for a shower, the door closing behind the tiny, clumsy girl rather firmly. She didn't want her gone, necessarily, but having the space to do some stressful unpacking was more than welcome, given most of the day she'd had. There was always the hope of tomorrow, though, as she pictured her dorm room nice and tidy with a brief illusion, before the young woman gave a sigh and got to work with unpacking all of her things. The majority of it were clothes and other necessary gear for her to day to day life, for training required that she changed clothes more times in a day than even a model, with the sweat gathering on her skin and no wings to cool her off as she went. That rule really was trouble, save for those who already looked like humans, but the majority of them didn't need to learn how to associate amongst mankind regardless.

    The unpacking was as swift as Ashling could make it, though she had few items to decorate the walls of the dorm room besides her tapestries, and the closet was swiftly packed close to bursting with all of her outfits, before she deemed herself worthy to retire in a set of pajamas and allow the next day to sweep her into its arms. Though she wanted to dream of other silly results of the rules, like the Lamia that would have been required to buy entirely new sets of clothes just for their human forms, or the Fairies that would need to get used to an entirely new form, including just getting used to gravity, none of those would come, as her head rested upon the pillow, with a halo of golden hair resting around her.

    The night would be ruled by horrible visions that would force her awake in nothing less than twisted sheets and a mess of hair. There had been some preliminary reading on humans before, and what they were scared of creeping around them, that they believed Youkai to be the monsters, even if the exact legends were twisted. This knowledge was perhaps the only truth that her parents had ever told her; that Youkai were people, too, each with their own fears. There was a small comfort to be found, in the knowledge that facing these inner-demons was just part of enlightenment, but there was also a phrase she heard somewhere, that would scare her more than any wound. What did monsters have nightmares about?
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