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    Originally Posted by Noossab Blue View Post
    Thanks! The fighting type is a bit small, but it evolves early(er) and gets bigger. It's kinda the runt.

    Could you be more specific about what looks weird?
    I went ahead to see the evolutions and please, forget what I said!
    They look amazing!!

    Specially that fighting type, omg, I love it! Congrats, really )

    Also, I think I read somewhere in the main post you had 11 Fakemon, but I was only able to find 10 :x

    The 9 starters/their evolutions and that one with an amazing typing (don't wanna be a spoiler), the green/red one ahah

    Edit: OH!! I get it now! You said you still had to add Viroach (?)'s sprite! Is that him? :D

    Edit2: I also love the typings you gave the starters. Kudos, this hack deserves alot more attention!
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