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Originally Posted by nizare18 View Post
@Flydro - Congratz make sure to take care of Diplo or the Shiny police will come and take him away

@ThstIceman - I would go for HeartGold or SoulSilver

at 3271 SR and no shiny Ho-oh, Thats all fine by me an all but around 2300 SR i think it shined atleast i think i heard something however i was at work and thought it was a noise my co-worker was making. So it's possible i missed it. I'm going to stop SR at the end of month and kill it so i can advance the story and go to the League.

@At all what's your favorite color shiny?
I have a list : lucario - ho-oh - rayquaza - Lugia - charizard - scolipede

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