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    Milly Kaiko
    (wanted to let Milly eat but looks like everyone else is going to bed )

    When she was out of sight back in the changing rooms, Milly once again took a shower before retrieving her stuff from her locker and getting changed. The floor was cold under her bare feet and made her shiver more now, making her hands unsteady as she tugged on her top and shorts. When she was at last done, she made sure her hoodie was zipped up and her wet hair was tied back, away from her skin as to avoid the damp strands chilling her skin.

    Wrapping her swimming stuff in the towel, she crammed the load into her rucksack before shouldering it and slipping on her shoes. Treading outside, she looked up into the dark sky, her green eyes focusing in on the pale light of the moon and lapping it’s silver tones up jealously.

    “Beautiful” she breathed, the word slipping over her lips in little more than a whisper as her whole body froze, taking in the moon, which now hung in the sky. Stars scattered around it like glitter on a dark velvet background.

    Glancing back down, she looked back towards the swimming pool. It’s surface once again as smooth and clear as glass, no longer distuded but the rippled given off by her and Sorae.

    In this moment of silence however the girl pondered over the time. It was getting late and they had an early start tomorrow morning but then she hadn’t eaten either. Remembering this, her shoulders dropped.
    nothing beats dinner. It's best meal of the day. But as if on cue, as this thought drifted through her mind, she heard Sorae’s voice.

    “Hey Milly, wanna come catch a bite at the cafeteria? I'm getting hungry."

    Milly chuckled and walked through the gloom to where the voice was located, until spotting her friend. “I can tell.” She giggled, hearing his stomach growl loudly as she drew level with him. “Sure, I’d love to join just hope it the cafeteria is still open.” She said, reaching into her bag and pulling out her phone to check the time. “It’s getting pretty late but fingers crossed.” She shrugged with a lazy grin before starting down the dark path which lead to back to the main grounds. Here and there the black tarmac illuminated in pale pools of yellow light which emanate from old street lamps with lined the path's boarders.

    “You looking forward to tomorrow then?” she asked, glancing over her shoulder, briefly slowing to see if Sorae was following. “I’m kinda curious what our lessons are gonna be like.” It was then however, when her phone which was still gripped in her hand, let out of loud bleep. Glancing down, she frowned, her heart sinking a little. Lights out was about to happen back at the dorm, she had completely forgotten!

    stopping in her tracks she looked back with a disappointed face. "Rain check on the food." she sighed, her shoulders drooping slightly as she spoke. "Lights out back at the dorm in a lil while.” She sighed, readjusting her bag on her back with a twitch of her shoulders. Pulling her bat, woody, up and over her shoulder she then put on her best grin.

    “I’ll catch up with you tomorrow after class, alright?” she asked, wrinkling her nose as she giggled. “see ya tomorrow Volt and thanks for an amazing afternoon. Was fun. “ she winked at this, though she really didn’t understand why and mentally cringed before she turned and moved off towards the girl’s dorm without another word.

    I cannot believe I just winked...why did I wink?!

    When she got back to the dorms, she shouldered open the door and walked up the plush stairs until she reached her floor. When she got to her door, she fished out her keys and stumble into her room, as the latched unlocked and swung back to once again revealing her new home for the semester. Sighing happily, she kicked the door closed before she pulled her wet clothes out and draped them over the radiator. Dropping her rucksack to the floor in a crumbled heap without a second glance, she then spent a good few minutes looking for the perfect place to prop woody up on display. Settling for a prime corner which was directly opposite the bed, she placed the bat there lovingly and stepped back a few paces to admire her decision.

    The pile in the middle of her room remained untouched however, bar when she fished through some bags to find her favourite sleeping T-shirt, a band T-shirt she had got a few years before. Getting changed, she eyed the mountain of belongs with tired eyes before choosing to ignore it. Turning on the spot, she padded over to her bed and climb under the covers. Her muscles welcoming the soft mattress’s embrace eagerly. Kaiko fell asleep quickly, being more tired than she had realised, with a smile on her face.
    It had been a good first day to say the least.

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