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Originally Posted by Evanlyn View Post
For eg., when I go on Yahoo! Answers, there are so many questions about homework problems. But the problems are simple, so if the people spent time thinking about the stuff they were supposed to have learnt, then they would easily know this. But because they have access to websites like Yahoo! Answers, they don't need to think as hard.
That's what I think anyway
See I think people like that wouldn't make the effort to figure it out in any case. They'd probably relentlessly harass their smarter friends into giving them the answers, or whatever. I do agree that YA is a bad idea for students though - you can so easily research these things yourself on the internet and these people need to improve on their ability to research information if they're going to make it through university.

Anyway, to answer the question: I don't think the internet is making us dumber, no. The amount of information available on it is so fantastic, I don't think I'd know half of what I do today without it. It's so quick and handy, it's like having a million (extremely organised) libraries in your own home. Not to mention discussion boards like this are a great way to get you to really think about things too, but admittedly only a fraction of the people who use the internet browse forums.

If there's any theory about the internet I believe, it's that it lowers our attention spans. I know when I'm on the internet I generally have several tabs open and won't spend all that long on one tab (unless I'm writing a really long post, or something) before I need a break and switch to another one. However, I can't say I've noticed my inability to focus on one tab for an extended period of time having any effect on my attention span in "real life" so I don't really see it as a problem. Ultimately I'd rather have the internet as a knowledge bank than resort to using libraries and the like.
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