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Originally Posted by Umbr30n View Post
Italic Underlined are parts where you epic failed.
Striked parts are ones that I KNOW about.
Italic Bold Underlined are parts that YOU shouldn't know about.

I'm not the only one making non-related questions, if you can't realise that stop being lazy and check the posts (Which may be on Page 2). And little did you know, LilJz1234 made a non-related request. He can't blame ME if he also did it, EVEN if I did it more. Don't believe me? Check the damn posts already. Lots of people have done that.

Sorry, I already used mine on my Kirlia to evolve it to Gallade.

Can someone create a Pokémon Paradox so that Pokémon appear in the real world?
Uhm.. I'm pretty sure all of my questions were Pokemon related.. >>'
And just because other people aren't following the game's rules doesn't mean you should do the same. They have rules, so stick to it. They're there for a reason.

No, because Pokemon will always be pixel monsters.

Can someone help me level up my Pikachu to level 100?
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