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Originally Posted by Flame999 View Post
Yes disappear like the rocket grunt after you help bill in fire red and i'm using pksv by the way and this is my script

#org 0x740001
trainerbattle 0x0 0x1 0x0 0x8740018 0x8740051
msgbox 0x8740069 '"I came from Kanto to test a Hoenn C..."
callstd 0x6

' Strings
#org 0x740018
= I hope you're ready to end all battles cause here I come

#org 0x740051
= You were ready afterall

#org 0x740069
= I came from Kanto to test a Hoenn Champion

When i put disappear 0x1 or whatever after callstd 0x6 it says Unknown keyword "disappear" at line 6 what do I do I have no clue what to do? if you can help thanks
"Disappear" is PKSVUI talk for "hidesprite" in XSE. It is the same command (in terms of hex numbers) just different names.

If you want him to stay gone, make sure you set it up like this:

fadescreen 0x____
hidesprite 0x______
setflag 0xflag#
fadescreen 0x_____

Then, take the flag# and set it as the Person I.D. in A-map.

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