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Crystal is largely different from HGSS because of the game mechanics. Playing both is interesting to know the differences. I played a lot of Gold in the past (my save had 999+ hours before the battery ran dry) and I was mindblown by HeartGold, but if you want to get a 2nd gen game, get Crystal, because it has more features and doesn't lose a whole lot in terms of Pokémon.

I played Yellow and didn't like it, I liked the new sprites but I thought Red and Blue were superior games.

The battery is a problem in all pre-DS games. However, there are differences. In RBYGSC, you lose the whole save. In RSE, you only lose the internal clock of the game, which means no time-based events occur (Berry growing, Eevee evolving into Espeon/Umbreon), but the save is still intact.

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