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    You miiiight want to watch out for LO Magmortar - It has the power of OHKOing - 2HKOing your party after stealth rock, unless you have screens up. But to be fair, not much things in RU can legitimately "counter" Magmortar anyway.

    What you can try to do, have your Uxie use 252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Spe with a Jolly Nature, so that you can set up a Light Screen before Magmortar attacks. Plus, having more speed on Uxie would decrease it's chances on being taunted on the first turn by slower users.

    And you know what - with your screens, I'd try something that can set-up, you know? Powerful offensive Pokemon such as Swords Dance Gallade, Belly Drum Linoone, and Shift Gear Klinklang pair very well with Uxie! Plus, they have good synergy together.

    Hope this helps~ ^^

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