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    Originally Posted by SpadeEdge16 View Post
    My map:
    name: Pallet Town
    game: FR
    notes: I'm not trying to base this off of any kind of animated version/realistic depiction of Pallet Town, I just like the idea of having maps that are much bigger than their original size, while still being similar to the original in the game.
    The player's house is on the top left, the two top right houses are Blue's and Red's, along with Oak's lab in the corner.
    The map does not look to bad but there a few things that could be improved in my opinion, mainly the sheer size of it, i do like to see large starting towns but it does not seem like you have enough buildings to fill that amount of space that in combination with the sparsely placed tree's leaves the map with a lot of open space that would be very frustrating when actually playing the game.

    Also you have done a great job of making the cliffs look natural, but then the edges of the map form a perfect square, it might be best to go with the natural look or the tradition look instead of mixing them.


    Taking on the criticisms of the last map posted was kind of difficult as hinkage rightly said it hard to make a playable diagonal map so i scraped that completely and started again.

    It is meant to be a mid game route, There is probably some tile errors on the tree's I cleaned a lot of them up but I doubt I found them all at this time of night, and I am aware of the huge tile error on the back of the house but unless I decided to insert this is to a hack is not worth fixing.

    (Warning fairly big map - 60x70)
    Happy to help mapping & scripting.
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