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Then again, how about making one team member being a private tutor for ones interested in helping out? If a newbie would like to help out with the process, s/he would be qualified by "taking lessons" from this private tutor of the team. This tutor wouldn't even have to do a whole lot; pointing out interesting articles, showing examples and that way make the newbie learn enough to be able to actually help out.
Interesting idea, but people are lazy quite frankly. There are also people who have he mentality of, "I did it the hard way, so should they". Anyway I like the idea, and maybe people could just make videos (with commentary pls :D) of them doing specific things for the hack. I.E when you're inserting some graphic explain what you're doing and why while you do it.

Besides, what's the point of letting a person without the desire to learn participate in the project? One not even a least bit interested to learn shouldn't be creating rom hacks in the first place.
Wise words my wise friend, wise words.

Originally Posted by SchokoInc View Post
Well i don't know if there is any "free space" left in the team but i would really like to participate :) I'm not that specialized in mapping though :( but i really like being creative with pokémon/attacks so if pokémon/attacks from other generations or even custom (I'm not that good at spriting sadly) i would really like to help :) Also I really like animating custom or gen VI/V attacks and would also do this :)
Vote, participate, learn, profit!

[QUOTE=hinkage;7513737]No, no tutoring. If people want to learn they can do it on their own time. Having to teach someone how to program/map/whatever will only take up more time, be more disorganized, and isn't really fair to everyone else because statistically speaking, the beginner's quality will not be as good.
Not always true, like I said you can make a video while you do something. Easy-mode, you don't even need to write stuff like in guides.

Also, here's what we have to do before even starting, imo:
1. Agree on one solid leader (DARTHATRON PLS ;-;)
2. Choose categorical leaders -- someone like Chaos Rush would be great for graphics, or Gira for music, for example. Maybe we don't even need this. A better idea may even be that there's one leader/coordinator, and everyone else works in pairs for a certain category, sharing the burden.
3. Get some sort of chat so people can communicate more easily. Skype would be best, but there's also AIM or Xat (an internet chat, you don't have to download anything. It can be made private).

But you know, if people like Darthatron/Chaos/Gira don't want to/can't do it, I'm not sure the quality of the hack will be that great. If people are serious about this, then we definitely want all good people, or else the bad will drag everyone else down. Harsh, yeah, but true.
Some things I agree something I don't. Point 2 is not really something that needs to be set and static. These people haven't even volunteered themselves. Chaos Rush, Gira? No offense to these obviously handsome gentlemen, but I don't know who they are and I'm sure there are other people who are good at what they do. Though outside of mentioning static people to do roles, I agree with this.
Point 3 is good. Real chat system is nice and people can workout things faster.

Originally Posted by Jim Boob View Post
I'm not applying for leader so ill stick to "I think" i think. =p


Funny and unsuccessful past threads on the topic:

They didn't get off the ground at all. I think the most important reason as to why was organisation and everyone being allergic to the idea. What's really holding us back right now is moderator confirmation. I think we all agree that 20-something people (which will grow later, even right now 20 is a big group) is enough and that we should start a leader vote. So if you can kind moderator, maybe a change in poll and start the application process? :)