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    Hidden Power

    Hidden Power is, perhaps, the best special move in existence. Now, you might offer another opinion, perhaps, such as the move Psychic. However, there are several key facts to this mysterious move that a lot of you might not even know. Hopefully, these newly revealed facts will have you second-guessing your choice of the best special move.

    Hidden Power is a move every Pokémon can learn. It is the glue to many move sets- it adds that extra type not normally accessed by the Pokémon. Hidden Power Is often the bane of Dragon-Types, as Hidden Power Ice is a powerful move against these reptilian powerhouses.

    Hidden Power utilizes a maximum base power of 70. However, in the cartridge games, the base power of this move can range anywhere from 70 – 5. Hidden Power can be any type in the game, be it Ice, Fire, Ghost, or Water. This allows for any Pokémon of any type to learn a move of any type- Hidden Power. This gives an almost innumerable boost to any move-pool. This marvelous move is best utilized by letting the user gain type-advantage over the Pokémon usually super-effective to them – another advantage.

    This brings up another mysterious aspect of this move- one I hadn’t realized until recently. The Choice Scarf, Choice Band, and Choice Specs. While no one in their right mind would run a Choice band with Hidden Power, this aspect still applies. In case you don’t know, The Choice Items grant the user a 50 Percent increase in a stat. For the Choice Scarf, speed, for the Choice Band, attack, and for the Choice Specs, Special Attack. However, these items have one major drawback- they lock the user into the same move.

    Hidden Power is ONE MOVE.

    While it can be multiple types, this fact does not detract from the reality that Hidden Power is one move. Therefore, a Pokémon holding a Choice Scarf with a move set of 4 Hidden Powers will be able to use each of the different Hidden Powers WHILE utilizing the fifty percent increase of speed from the Choice Scarf- without its one major drawback. This allows for Pokémon such as Hydreigon to utilize its amazing 125 base Special Attack while boosting its base 98 speed stat by fifty percent- without being locked into one move. This realization, while it might have been discovered by others (I don’t know if it has) is still the one thing that boosts Hidden Power to the top of the special moves chart.

    Taking all of these into account, there is still one thing- that Hidden Power is a mere 70 base power. This can be fixed with a Choice Specs very easily, using the method described in the previous paragraph. However, there is one drawback. Blissey. Blissey is the Metagame’s top Special Wall, boasting a massive 255 base HP stat, and its formidable 135 base Special Defense. If a Special Sweeper runs into a Blissey with no Physical backup, it’s game over. However, if paired with a Terrakion carrying Close Combat, you should be able to either scare the Blissey off the field or OH-KO it.

    I believe Hidden Power is the best Special move in existence. Hopefully, this has changed your mind to that exact same thought. Although, keep in mind that this only works on Hackmons OR Pokemon Websites, such as Pokemon Showdown. This will NOT work in the Game, as it is impossible to have more than one Hidden Power.

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