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    Name: Rob Anderson
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 2 meters, Rob has untidy black hair, he wears a dark shirt with all the Pokémon type symbols on it and wears grey pants. He has light blue eyes, stands up straight and he has a scar on his forehead where he was hit by razor leaf.
    Personality: Rob is very shy because when he was young he had made friends with two boys who later attacked him with their Pokémon. but loyal he only talks to his friends and family rarely anyone else. He is extremely kind to Pokémon and protective of his friends, when he is threatened he loses focus and becomes dizzy., if pushed to far he will get extremely mad and go berserk. he dislikes speaking about family because of all the tragedy. If rob got into a fight with someone he would try talking to resolve the matter, this mostly works but sometimes fails he also has a taste for bananas, he loses confidence easily.
    Background: (Their life before the dreams, family life, school life, etc. Two Paragraphs at least please) He was born in a small country town near New York his mother died from child-birth and his dad had been killed in the war but no one is sure how he died, his parents were kind people who met while his dad was traveling. He was raised by his grandparents his grandma loved him and spoiled him with lots of toys while his granddad didn't care that much about him at all. When he went to kindergarten he made two friends called Simon and Rick who began to take a dislike to him when they got Pokémon when rob tried to make friends with them again Simon in a rage ordered his Pokémon to use razor leaf on rob which hit him on the head causing him to have a scar for the rest of his life.

    When he started school nobody liked him but he studied hard and became nearly the smartest in his class, he was starting to make a few friends and fell in love with a girl called grace who then moved to a different country, unfortunately all his friends had Pokémon except him so sometimes rob was left out. On his 10th birthday he was given a cyndaquil from his grandmother but she died the next day, he was silent nearly never speaking. When he turned 11 he started to have strange dreams about a strange Pokémon trying to talk to him. Since he all his friends had left on a Pokémon adventure nobody could explain the dreams and he wanted to meet grace again he left on his Pokémon adventure
    Legend: Arceus
    Powers: (Basic idea, but must fit the legendary Pokémon of the character, for example, the Groundon Harbinger can't use any kind of water or air based power.) taking control of a Pokemons mind for a small amount of time if the Pokemon is too strong it can take control of him
    Pokémon (Up to Two)

    Nickname: none
    Species: Quilava
    Level: (Up to 15) 15
    Moves: (One Egg Move and TM move allowed) Flame wheel Flame Charge ember tackle
    Personality: He wants to explore the world He's also curious and determined to win
    Background: Rob got it for his birthday from his grandma as a farewell present it evolved when he got in to a fight with a water Pokemon and was about to be taken out by water gun it evolved and took out the water type.
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