Thread: HeartGold hack: [HGSS] Kris as Female Protagonist
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    Originally Posted by ascension7 View Post
    [CENTER]HGSS - Kris as Female Protagonist

    - The backsprite will temporarily revert to Lyra's palette when entering a Wild battle, though it corrects itself soon after. I don't quite know why, but it is exhibited in the video.
    - Trainer Card sprite and the overworld sprite shown when naming your character is still Lyra. I don't know where the sprites are located, but they will be changed if I can find them.
    - The large art mugshot in the intro is still Lyra, but this is because I haven't found one made for Kris. When one is made, I'll replace it.

    Have you made any progress on squashing these bugs yet? I'm kind of sensitive to the idea of encountering them…