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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Once The Warrior has been killed his Volcanic Rakk things keep respawning so we just left Deathtrap killing them (he gains time for each kill if you get a certain skill so he only ran out after like 800 rakks then you send a new one out) getting us tonnes of exp and cool drops like the CC. I dunno if it'd work going back there after you beat the story, but it was pretty cool 'till we got bored haha. Ended up killing over 2.5k rakks it was ridiculous lol.
o lawdy. Well, when I've got the Mechromancer DLC, I'll be sure to grab that I imagine! For now tho I'll stick with my Siren and be all old-fashioned lol.

Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
@Razor Leaf: I'm currently level 45 with my Gunzerker and I am still using my slagged Conference Call. ^.^ I temporarily stopped using my Siren because she carries some 5 million cash (a random player traded me 60 million, most of it lost to the New-U station!). But yeah, I like my albeit underleveled CC still. I use it for its special effect rather than its raw damage; I slag the entire room so that my teammate can pick off enemies. CC shoots everywhere, lol. The Warrior (or the Rakks, not too sure) dropped it and I wasn't even working hard for it. B)

Very cool legendary weapons! I've done that mission in the Dust a few times, but I've found nothing. I'll pass my legendaries down to my lower level characters when I can't make good use of them anymore. I've been abusing the bank glitch to store infinite weapons; do you know about it?
Ack I need to get one of these CCs now haha. And then grab a Bee and farm the hell outta every boss ever because I'm just that awesome. What level's the CC relative to your current level?

As for that bank glitch - just gone and googled it now and hoooooooly I'll be using that one! Can't wait to be storing all the good stuff.

Also, gratz on the Bunny - got another legendary myself not too long back. A shield called The Transformer, dropped from Pimon in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Its ability is that it resists all shock damage, absorbs ~30% of bullets, and if it's shocked by a source other than a Shock Barrel it recharges itself to compensate for its awful recharge delay. At first I thought it to be gimmicky at best because shock damage wasn't prevalent enough to counter out the very mediocre charging capabilities. Then I realised that, if you're handy with a sniper, you can exploit the living daylights out of any Loaders with crit points on their arms. If you shoot both arms off, they can only use their laser thing, which is shock-based; useless against The Transformer and makes you seriously hard to kill. Only downside which may be a glitch, not sure, is that if the shock damage you receive is greater than the capacity of the shield, the shield recharges as normal but the difference is dealt directly to your health. So stuff like Super Badass Loaders or Super Badass Surveyors still eat you for breakfast behind it. But still, it's worked well!

Also, who here has experience with just how incredibly well Rubi works with a Phaselock boosted by Ruin? It takes me one phaselock on a tough enemy like a Super Badass Loader or something to that nature for Rubi's side-effect to fully restore my health. For those unfamiliar with Rubi - it consumes 2 ammo per shot and has very mediocre stats but, while it's drawn, 12% of all damage you deal is restored as your health. Insanity.
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