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Sovereign quickly realized that the dawn was upon him, and he had not slept at all. Yet, despite this, he found himself completely awake and full of energy. He had been staring at his grim trophy for hours. Something about the dangling Lucario unnerved him deeply. But, they had already decided to put the body on display, as a message, so he left it as he departed to meet with the rest of the sentinels, as they surely would be soon.

When he arrived, he found that Deluge and Sentry had joined them, and that there was an unfamiliar Sableye among them. He paid no mind, as he was sure there was a good reason. Somehow he felt comfortable with the Sableye's presence. A sort of resonance between them that he had never noticed in the presence of other Pokemon. Was this a result of the Darkness of which Varren had spoken?

"The King of Thieves can now be found in front of Cape City. I think you'll find that his placement is perfect." An air of pride was carried by his words, yet it was unintentional. "Now does anyone know what we're doing here? Why we can't attack the Gold Tribe yet?"