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    Just caught a shiny Audino on Route 7 in B2. Actually, I'd been expecting to see one sooner or later, just because I've fought so many hundreds of Audinos.

    I was leveling up my Deerling to evolve it to a Sawsbuck, since I wanted to maybe take it with me into Reversal Mountain. Running back and forth on the narrow walkway above Route 7, then dropping down to the rustling grass when it appeared, and just somewhere along the way, there it was. Male, level 30, I forget the nature - Relaxed, I think.

    Beyond that.... man - it's been a while since I updated. I did put a team together and go through Celestial Tower. Actually, as I do with every new area, I just went far enough to start having encounters, then saved and turned circles and caught and reset until I came up with a Modest Litwick with Flash Fire (to train) and a... Quiet, IIRC... with Flame Body to use as an incubator. Then I fought through the trainers and up to the roof, where I did the same thing until I came up with a Modest Elgyem.

    Then it was back to Skyla's gym. I miss the cannons - I just thought that was a really amusing puzzle - but this one was pretty good too. With the choices I had with the expanded dex, the gym was easy. I went in with Jolteon, Probopass, Magnezone and Ampharos, all of them underleveled, as it turned out - they were at about level 30 going in - but if I hadn't gone out of my way to switch up the team, Jolteon would've swept the whole place by himself. As it was, he got most of the experience anyway, though I did send Probopass in a couple of times and used Magnezone against her Skarmory.

    Then it was off to Lentimas Town.

    I love the whole Sergio Leone feel of that area. Nice addition to Unova. Caught everything in that habitat list - nice stuff, but nothing that really stands out. Then went into Reversal Mountain and met up with Bianca and spent some time going around there, partly exploring, partly trying to stir up dust clouds and hopefully find shards and partly just for the experience, since getting the party healed after every battle makes it much easier to grind. And it was while I was doing that that I thought it might be a good idea to break out that Serene Grace Deerling I caught in a grotto, which meant I had to level it up a bit first, which meant I'd have to go find some Audinos, and Route 7's a good place for that....