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Originally Posted by littlebrother View Post
Wobbuffet never really caught my attention. If you're fast and catch him before Safeguard, you could Toxic him and then Substitute, then waste time boosting your stats with Calm Mind, Swords Dance, or whatever until you could finish Wobbuffet off and anything else that shows up with one attack, regardless of what screens Wobbuffet threw up.
You forget that it carries Encore now. Wobbuffet could Encore you into a boosting move then switch out into something that threatens you, as you cannot switch.

I think some people tend to carry Dugtrio with Xatu. It could be very effective if one uses it well.

Anyone looking forward to Shadow Tag Chandelure? My friend wanted to try out some Acid Armor/Calm Mind set that trapped opposing Pokemon that were locked into Fighting Type moves. That will probably get banned.
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