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Hey there, Fortune Battlers!

Derk here~! I'll be Shawn/Miss Doronjo's assistant throughout this tourney. :3

Seems like everyone is having a fantastic time battling their hearts away! Why not throw a little party in celebration of it? Go on, you guys deserve it!

Looks nice, huh?? Don't worry, there's enough for everyone participating, so all you need to do is PM me with "Slice of cake, please!"

But! There's a catch!

There might be a note hidden in your food! Don't worry, it'll slip out, but you won't know what's in the know until you finish your food already. :3 The note could be good or bad, it could be from a Pokemon(in which, you might have an extra team partner!) or some extra coins~! You won't know until you try~!

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