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    Genevieve L’esprit
    “Newest Sentinel?” Genevieve spat in the direction of the little Sableye, as she lorded the statue over him. “The requirements must be dropping by the day,” she scoffed and dropped the statue behind him with a resounding thud that could be heard throughout the construct. “I don’t care who he is,” her attention turned to Sentry with a most distasteful look. “Keep him out of my way, or we will be down one more Sentinel and I don’t necessarily mean him.” Genevieve glowered as company continued to pile in around them, her hands clenching and head dropping in resigned annoyance.

    It was about to become a Sentinel meet and greet and she hardly had the time, nor patience for such an occasion. If these ones wanted to waste time with one another, all the better. What struck her at that moment, was how truly tired she was. A nearby window gave her the indication that sleep would no longer be possible this day. Rays of light were already breaking through the natural shroud of darkness on the horizon. Daybreak was coming and there were things to be done. The previous night had not been restful at all, there was hardly any sleep to be had after her...activities. Vera had ambushed her and threatened her, a mistake Genevieve promised would most certainly be one of her last and now Snype. This repugnant little cretin had lingered in wait, in the shadows like a coward. Probably eavesdropping on her conversation with the other woman. How much did he really know? Vera knowing was enough, but Snype might not be as discreet as herself. Should his loose lips reach the ears of another, Sovereign for example, he might very well sink her proverbial ship.

    “Cedric,” she addressed the Castform with his proper name, a habit of hers attributed to her dislike of titles. “I can assure you, this meeting is both unplanned and unwanted. This company is found to be both lacking and tiresome. All offense intended,” she sneered in the direction of Snype. “I will say it has been long since our last encounter, I do assume you to be well, of course. You are alive after all.”

    Sovereign seemed to boast about his accomplished mission of mounting the thieve’s body. Had it taken him so bloody long, so as to him just not returning? Did the idiot forget how to tie a rope? Giggling to herself, she didn’t deem the prospect entirely impossible. She did in fact, not hold his mental faculties in the highest regard, even if she was mistaken. Yet the beast was anxious, as were they all. His insatiable lust for battle was made known in only few moments of his speaking. She could not disagree with him on this point, the Gold Tribe needed to be dealt with and soon. Without even realizing her discomfort at being around him, she edged slowly farther away from his reach. Her memory still vivid with the details of his hand wrapped firmly around her neck. It wasn’t that she feared him, no, it was that she thought it better to play it safe. There was no telling when he could “change” or what might trigger it. According to her own knowledge and Vera’s, he did in fact have a weakness for her and it might be better that she kept her distance.

    “I, like you,” she spoke to Sovereign across the way, “am perplexed as to Auron's patience. I guess we shall all know in time why we are here.”