Thread: Weekly Poll: Seismitoad versus Simipour
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Your welcome Nica :D! Hmmm..honestly I think this is a difficult decision for me. On one side, I love Simipour for not possessing a 4x weakness unlike Seismitoad, but at the same time Seismitoad's immunity to electric can definitely be handy. However I think I'm going to toss my vote over to Seismitoad honestly. The only major weakness it has is grass, but it receives some good immunitys and stat-wise it's a great defensive Pokemon in my opinion. Honestly I love its design so much more, I used to absolutely think it was awful but its starting to grow on me now. I dislike Simipour's design though, I found it a little strange and honestly it wasn't my cup of tea. :<. Although it did learn some good moves I have to say :3.Competitively though, I think Simipour would be a better choice, Substitute and Nasty Plot as a combo is useful and deadly, while Seismitoad would easily go down to a quick grass-type attack. Despite this, I think my vote will go to Seismitoad. :D
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