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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
If you mean the common red paper dragons during their new years celebrations, that one is actually associated with metal as Red = Prosperity in China and commonly associated with good revenue for the new year (money which used to be coin which were metal) XD.

Even in Pokemon Color association is skewered. 21/68 "Red Pokemon" are Fire, rest are mixture of odd assortment of types, some both weak and strong against Fire.

As for being Chinese, ya majority of Chinese Dragons are Air, Storm or water related. I think only their Black (Evil) Dragons were associated with fire. I'd have to recheck some of my fable and fairy-tale books, but only Chinese dragons I remember being specifically Fire based was black. (other than the fictional dragon wizard Shendu from Jackie Chan Adventures who was green.)
Oh right! Well still a Pokemon based on the design of the paper dragons rather than the Chinese dragons (I'm sorry I thought they were the same and hopefully didn't offend anyone!) I'd really like that. Although there is Gyrados it's still not -exactly- that and a fire version of it would be awesome. :x

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