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Originally Posted by Slayr231 View Post
I just want better rock moves. My Gigalith could really benefit from that in comeptitive play. Or just some more moves that can be learned by rock types because it seems like they're stuck on rock, ground, steel, and normal moves. Not the best for fighting pokemon. Rock types have really good defenses, but people never use them because of the very limited moveset they posses. My Gigalith can stand its own in some battles in competitive play, but a wider moveset would really push it over the top!
Well depending on what type of caves there are, um, there could also be ice/water moves that could be used by rock types, given that in some caves you get ice and water dripping if it's really cold or old. Something like Condensation, which'd be like, well, what Condensation really is, except it's attacking and 80 BP water or ice!

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