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I used to play soccer, and was quite good at it. Unfortunately, I haven't played it like that since middle school and might have lost a bit of my skills I had back then. But from what I can remember, I wasn't bad at it.

I used to play baseball too. I remember being okay with it. I wasn't quite as good as I was with soccer, but I generally didn't have too many problems and could hit some home runs. Unfortunately, I haven't played that since middle school either, and I might have lost some of the skills I had.

I was okay with basketball when I wasn't feeling anxiety for performing in front of others.

I was great at volleyball when I actually felt like playing it in gym class, so I was good with that.

The last time I really played football, I didn't have the best hand-eye coordination, so I didn't do very good with that, but I think that that's improved over the years dramatically, and I'm convinced that if I tried to play it again that I wouldn't be too bad.

I think with some practice, I'd be good at tennis. We used to play that every now and then in high school and I reaaaally enjoyed it for some reason. I didn't know how to play it or how to hit the tennis ball, but I know that if I was taught, I would do well.

That's really all the sports that I have any notable experience playing. The problem I had with gym class, and even now, is that I tend to avoid showcasing myself in athletic abilities. I'm not sure why. I think there's a psychological problem I have or a memory I'm probably repressing of an embarrassing moment from my childhood that I'd rather not relive, but it's not something I consciously do.

While we're on the topic of sports, I'd reaallyyyy like to try some extreme sports!!
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