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    It honestly depends on the thing in question. There are some films that I'll want to see as soon as they come out; others I can wait a few weeks. The same goes for TV shows. Music, however, I'm never normally waiting for: I catch up with music in binges throughout the year, so am always slightly behind on that one, but it doesn't massively bother me. In terms of non-entertainment related pursuits, I played the Lottery once when I was 16 (i.e. the legal age in the UK to purchase a ticket) but have never done so again; I got my provisional driving licence as soon as I turned 17 but didn't pass my test until a week before my 18th birthday; I didn't really start drinking until I was well into my 20s so... I guess I'm culturally flaky when it comes to punctuality in these sorts of things. Punctuality in general, however, I'm ridiculously good at. Like, anally good at, it's embarrassing.
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