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    Blueflare Productions!!
    Now recruiting...

    Hello, welcome to the Blueflare Productions Team Recruitment thread, you might be here to have a ponder around, or you could, and I hope, be here to enroll yourself into the team. My main goal for this group is to make and release a good group of hacks to the public community of PokéCommunity and various other sites, our current hack is: Pokémon Andesite, a hack run by me, more info on that in a second. Of course, like most groups we have a certain standard level all content of the hacks should be, that may make me sound mean, but it's true, if you are denied due to lack of quality, or such,I will happily let you reapply once you've improved. I'm not all that mean. :I

    Current Projects:

    Pokémon Andesite
    Pokemon Andesite is currently our only project, and it's my comeback to ROM hacking, I decided to leave for a good year or so. The story takes place in the region of Terrik, a region heavily protected by the Gaurdian Regi's who obviously have immense power, capable of World Domination. Let's hope no Evil people get ideas, eh?

    The Terrik Region is split into 3 parts, Sicle, Terra and Grash.
    Each part has it's own guardian which has protecting it since the dawn
    of creation. Regice watches over Sicle, Regirock watches over Terra and Registeel
    watches over Grash.

    It's said that these 3 Pokémon have been a mystery for many centuries, appearing
    in almost every legend and myth, and the last words of an ancient civilisation.
    Anyone who can get their hands on all three Regi's will surely be able to gain
    control of all 3 parts of Terrik.

    You live in the Town of Miron, the most northern town in all of Terrik and Sicle,
    you're nothing more than a mere child, not many people visit the town, and it's only
    on the map, for Maxi's research on Pokémon Forme's and Abilities. But one day,
    Maxi tells you a parcel has arrived for you in Worseth Town, and the only way to
    get there is with a Pokémon. So naturally he gives you a Pokémon and sets you upon your way.


    Current Members:
    Me: Team Leader, Mapper, Music Editor, OW spriter, Part Time Scripter.
    I-Like-Shiny-Pichu: Scripting, Hex Editor

    Current Roles Available:

    Scripters - I'm not the best scripter around, as I'm guessing people now, with my constant visits to the help thread. So, It's only natural I have a position or two for full time scripters up, if you're a good scripter, and want to help, go ahead, We need it.

    World Artists and Inserters - This bit will be two part split, you can either apply for the Artist, or the Inserter, or both, I've been meaning to learn this, but have been to busy, the position will be open most likely even if I learn it.

    Music Composer - Don't we all love our music? Although I can insert and loop music, I fail to be able to make sweet sweet music, for the player to listen to, whilst playing.

    ASM-ers? - I doubt any one will apply for this, I see very little chance of great ASM-ers? helping a small group. But I'd be very grateful if I had one on the time. Oh the things we could achieve.

    Mappers - I'm not too keen on having more mappers, but what the hey, maybe I'll accept.

    Spriters - This ISNT OW sprites. I'm capable of them, I'd rather have a battle spriter, who can make the trainer sprites in battle.

    Application form:

    Preferred Nickname:
    Proof of Work:
    Past experience:
    Means of contact: (preferably skype)
    Timezone: I'm currently GMT+1? (London Area)
    I'm hoping to here from people soon, have a nice day! :I