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    Originally Posted by TheRiddler View Post
    I also want to know what new Eevee evolution we are going to get, seeing all the speculations online I hope it is either flying, fighting, or dragon. That would be so BA to see a dragon Eevee
    Like I said earlier: people seem focused on an Eeveelution being a certainty in this game. It isn't (yet). To end up not disappointed in the end, wait for confirmation that there will be an Eeveelution before speculating on what it is. Otherwise, you have all these great Eeveelution ideas but one doesn't get released.

    I'm not getting involved in these other than discussing artwork ideas (which are a good discussion point for "it would be nice to see this"). As nothing is confirmed, I am not assuming there is an Eeveelution coming. If there is announced that there is, I'll discuss that then.

    To the original remark to me that this thread is for speculation: yes. But too much speculation and saying the game needs this will make people believe it's coming, then there will be disappointment in the end for someone (not intended perhaps). Let's be honest: Gamefreak isn't following this thread. I'd be shocked if they were. Let's keep it more to discussion, less to speculation. Someone will be upset about a missing feature they think is coming otherwise.

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