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    I picked up a Wii recently and was checking out the Virtual Console games and I saw Harvest Moon for SNES for $8... I'm thinking about buying it cx

    I'm also definitely getting Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade, I'm really excited to try them out! They look amazing.

    Edit: I got Tree of Tranquility! And I love it, holy crap ;~;

    I haven't even gotten my farm yet, I'm playing it super slow because of all of the other games I've been playing lately xD; I just got to Souffle Farm (I saved right when my third day starts) and I love how slow the pace is, tbh. Typically with the console Harvest Moon games I like when they're more slow paced (AWL, AnWL) because they have so much more scenery to sit back and enjoy looking at. The handheld games are a little more action-oriented, y'know? Like, I always seem super busy in the handheld games because while the console games have more to offer visually, the handhelds seem to offer a little bit more to do actively, from the Harvest Moon titles I've played.