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I'll start by pointing out the obvious - Last banner's stock image is lq. If it isn't, well, it looks like it. Maybe due to excessive adjustments using curves or something. o3o; All the other tags do not have this problem, tho. :3 Not feeling the text in 'feel me' tag. Neither the font nor the placement works for me. Just feels a little disjointed compared to the rest of the tag, y'know? Apart from these two, I feel that you went a little too far as far as saturation of reds go in the first one. If I had to say which work of yours I feel is the weakest, I'd go with that. Just isn't appealing to the eye with the over-saturation of the monotonous colors.

Buut, with that outta the way, I'd like to state that I am a fan of some of the stuff that you've posted. I really like this one. Has some really good depth and lighting. Then there's this one which lacks the depth of the previous one but makes up for it with effects that complement the render really nicely. Appealing to the eye. <3; This one looks good due to the really nice flow in it. Although I think the c4ds near the bottom could've been erased. Just don't help the tag, in my opinion.

Buut if I remember correctly, quite a lot of your stuff in the past used to be really colorful. Like, really colorful. I'd love to see something of that sort. <3; Anyway, keep posting! I'm a fan! :DDD
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