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    Originally Posted by Dylanrockin View Post
    Shhh, your killing my cover ! I figured that, but when I used, I used the magic wand, then pasted my image in, and it didn't do anything. Then I had to resort to fixing the transparency of every white space individually which annoyed me, because some tiles were overwritten with transparency for some reason. Also where on can I "set transparency" with the bucket fill tool?
    Near the bar that says tolerance, there's a flask that is filled in green, click it, it goes transparent Also, set the tolerance to 0. A wise tip to do, if you're ever using ms paint to resize anything, I'd suggest for you to go into something like, set the background layer as a colour you wont use for the transparency, and make a new layer for the tileset, then you can click merge layer and it will have a background colour for you, allowing you to paste it in ms paint for resizing without the worry of having to set up a colour for transparency in RMXP.

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    My balls seem to be fine.
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