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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Academy Cafeteria

    Lucia smiled a bit more as Brian relaxed. "MUCH better, and a pleasure to properly meet you Brian." She said with a firm nod. "See? A better first impression leads to better results, and a pleasure to meet you too Thyme." She said as she nodded toward the Snivy. Well, at least it was nerves it seemed, still, if he asked her out anytime she would just have to decline. Hopefully he wouldn't.

    Lucia did blink as it seemed Brian was... responding to something Snype said? Lucia had to blink a bit, "Um... Brian... do you have a earpiece on or something. For a moment I could have sworn you were talking to Snype but that's not possible." She chuckled, "If you are holding another conversation I'm sure they can understand being put on hold." She said with a nod. "But... Mark and myself have been concocting a plan." She glanced at Mark. "Brian, can you keep a secret?" She asked, not really sure if this one had loose lips. Some boys just couldn't resist gossiping like girls sometimes.

    Roberto did perk up as Brian spoke and glanced at the two small pokemon. No... it wasn't possible. Humans CAN'T hear pokemon. It was impossible for them too anyway, unless he had some kind of technology to do so, but such technology was still early in development!
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