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Alright, there are actually some problems with your latest updates. Wouldn't really want you to reiterate this mistake, to be honest. What I'm talking about is excessive blending. You blend the stock/render a little too much. Granted, blending is necessary for proper depth but when it is overdone, it just becomes a little difficult to differentiate certain parts of the stock from the effects. The blonde anime girl tag, for example, has her dress blend too much with the background. I like how you chose colors that complement her and how colorful the whole tag is but it doesn't change the fact that it just comes off as messy. The right side has effects which blend with her dress and it becomes really difficult for the viewer to make out what's really going on. 'Stalking you' tag suffers from the same problem - you've blended the characters a little too much. I know it is basically a rule of the thumb to sharpen out the focal and blur most of the other areas to create depth and should be followed. But there should be a transition in the blurriness of the various parts of the tag. Gradation. The effects should get blurred out or sharpened depending on whether they are nearer or further to the viewer's eye relative to the stock's position. You're supposed to envision a tag as a 3d entity in your mind and blur/sharpen stuff according to their relative positions. That's what creates depth. At least, that's what I do to ensure proper depth in my tags.

Though I'm not saying that there should be total lack of any foreground effects that are blurry, no. You may have them but do it where appropriate, will you? As of now, you're blurring stuff a little too much. The renders you use are nice, the backgrounds are amazing (the second one, omg. It looks amazing), the stocks that you pick are awesome and you have a good idea about lighting as well. Just fix up the depth and we'll probably be looking at better tags by you. <3;

That's all I'll say for now. I do have more stuff that I'd like to state but I guess I'll do that later. :]

Edit: Not talking about the vertical tag in here, btw. The previous two. ;3
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