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    Near Eterna City Ruins

    Chapter Two: Part Two
    Reach for Hope

    Amy smiled, simply replying, "I didn't know either. It might be because of my new friend~!" She did a small twirl, and the white dress-like appendage fluttered into the air for a moment. She cocked her head slightly at the feather. It didn't take long to figure out what that meant. Wings! Mako, we should put you on top of the Christmas Tree! However, her attention was distracted by something behind them. Apparently there was a bit of a scuffle going on over there. "What the heck is going on!?" Some other boy was attacking Bay, for seemingly no reason.

    "Hey!!" Amy appeared right in between them (realizing now that she was able to Teleport) and swung her arms in either direction, a palm aimed at both Bay and this other boy. She knew Bay wasn't exactly an enemy here, though. Well, Amethyst decided to do something risky. "Stop!!" She shouted at the unknown boy, before her blue eye began glowing very bright. The boy's eyes would begin to glow as well. "Look, we don't want any more fighting. That's why... I've Destiny Bonded you. If you want to hurt any of my friends you're going to have to get through me, and if I fall, you do too! Got that?" Amy glared at this boy. She really wasn't happy about it. "Look, we have enough problems without you making more for us. Can't you see there's a city over there that is destroyed?? Come peacefully, or we both die!"

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