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    Brian just sort of blinked at Lucia. Wait... An earpiece? Why would he talk to someone on the phone when he had friends right here in front of him.

    "No, I'm only talking to you guys. Why would I not be?" he asked with a smile, hugging the two pokemon in his arms. Thyme rolled her eyes and sighed a bit. Again, really? She had to go over this again with him?

    "Brian, don't forget that most people can't talk to pokemon. You and that guy from Unova, what was his name? N? Some stupid name like that. You guys are the only people I've ever heard of that could talk to pokemon." Thyme said boredly, her skin flushing a bit at Snype, adding "I'm glad we got back. Sprinkles was beginning to panic."

    "Oh right Thyme... Anyways, yeah I can keep a secret Lucia, why?" he said, "But what does that have to do with making it up wo Val? How can I help?"
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